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    Frankfield Primary and Infant School is located in South Manchester, Central Jamaica. It is approximately twelve miles from the town of Mandeville and is situated between Lancaster to the north and Pratville to the south. It is overshadowed by two huge trees - a Poinciana and a Cassia, evergreen pastures, a large well manicured playing field, a study park, a kindergarten play area and a great view of the plains in Central Jamaica. Huge royal concrete steps, a rectangular protruded area, spacious hallways and a colourful reception area- that provide a welcoming ambiance that distinguish the administrative block from the rest of the school.

    The school is co-educational. It has undergone numerous changes during its one hundred and thirty years of existence. It was established in 1881 by the Methodist Church and now operates as a government aided leased institution. It started as one class and later developed into an all age school but with the advent of the secondary school, and one placed in close proximity, it was changed to primary in 1976.

    The staff is comprised of nine teachers making it one teacher per class and a pupil teacher ratio of thirty three to one. Among these nine teachers, there is a Vice Principal and two senior teachers. The school also has a Principal and Guidance Counsellor. The ancillary workers include two cooks, a janitor and a care giver for the Infant Department. All teachers are trained.

    The institution presently has a student population of two hundred and eighty (280) with a gender distribution of one hundred and thirty five (135) boys and one hundred and forty five (145) girls. The number fluctuates yearly but not considerably. Of this total the infant department has fifty five (55) students. There are nine classes ranging from infants one and two and grades one through six. There are two grade six classes. Students wear navy blue tunic with white blouse and the boys wear khaki suits. Daily average attendance is approximately two hundred and sixty. The students travel to school by walking or by using the taxi service.


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